Click here to get the Kindle version free!

Until Tuesday the kindle version of Effective Threat Intelligence is free! I set up this amazing offer as a thanks for participating and to drive up the excitement of launching my very first book! If you were ever reluctant on purchasing the book, now you can get it before you start your workday for free!

If you have already purchased the kindle book during the weekend please email me at to sort it out.

Have you already bought the book? Looking for other ways to support?

– Purchase other book versions. Both free and paid versions give me a boost on Amazon.
– Give the book reviews on Amazon.
– Share my twitter, linkedin, and website with other infosec professionals.
– If you have purchased the physical copy make sure you also pick up the free kindle copy!

Thanks so much for your support in making this day come. I am amazed at how many people keep coming out to help support this project and i am so happy to share it with you!

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