Coming to the close of 2016 @InfoSystir was kind enough to set up #HackerSanta which provided an infosec goodie exchange.

My target was @J0hnnyXm4s a hacker who has done numerous infosec talks and helped discuss the risks of TSA keys. After some stalki… open source investigating, I determined that he was probably in the market for a new pelican case, enjoyed lockpicking, and would likely appreciate something repurposed.

Luckily I had a pelican case, some locks, and some things that needed to be repurposed. I chose two locks to secure the goods. This Masterlock is a favorite I have kept around to help humble lockpickers when it became “too easy.” A spare TSA 007 lock would serve as a tip of the hat to Johnny’s research. Everything was coming together nicely.

DomainTools promotional video repurposed

Back in February, DomainTools was kind enough to send me a promotional video in a unique package. The video started to play as soon as you opened the cover. While they have a great product (I encourage everyone to check them out,) I only needed to see it run so many times. So how does this work and what can I use it for?

At first look I could tell there was some type of switch to set it off, a small usb, the controls, and a hidden speaker. However, there was not much else to go on. Time to take it apart! 10 minutes of cutting through adhesive later it looked like this.

Pulling information off the board I was able to find a company selling similar products if I needed to use reference material. However, this was not needed since the USB provided a simple interface and not just for power. After plugging it into my computer I discovered the advertisement was a stored mp4. It was just a simple swap to put in my own mp4.

Fast forward to December, I felt providing a video to Johnny for getting through the locks would be great touch.

The Game is a foot!

All packaged together (including shameless self-promotion) it arrived a little after Christmas. Although I sweated over battery life fears, I was very pleased to see that not just Johnny but a whole host of @BurbsecEast attendees also had fun getting the locks open! Its great to see people come together to solve my silly gift.

Finally it is opened!

So besides from a long awaited Rick Roll you can see how I put it together. The switch is attached to the lid but the magnet is not strong enough to lift the whole screen. Everything sits on top of the foam which will allow Johnny to repurpose both the video player and the pelican case.

What’s the deal with the coin? Ask @Curious_Codes. I received it after completing one of their puzzles at Derbycon and wanted to share the joy I got from it.

I had lots of fun putting this all together. Thanks to @J0hnnyXm4s for providing great documentation of his process and sharing it on twitter. @DomainTools for the promotional hardware. @InfoSystir for setting HackerSanta up. @Curious_Codes for the puzzle within the my puzzle. My HackerSanta @Greenjam94 for the TV-B-Gone. I am excited about next year!

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