Researches build Alexa spy

Researchers have created an Alexa skill which spies on its victims. Once the skill is downloaded it will listen to conversations and document everything into a text file. While they did not release the skill publically, they have already worked with Amazon to fix the feature.

Reported by Wired

Uber updates bug policy after disappointing

Uber is planning to announce a new bug policy addressing vulnerability discovery. In the past, Uber has been criticized for paying out a large sum to criminals who had gained access to their 57 million customers data. The new policy provides an includes the release of a web portal that allows researchers to easily report findings.

Reported by Reuters

Hackers spoof hotel master key

At the Infiltrate conference, Tomi Tuominen and Hirvonen will explain how they can create a  hotel master key in under a minute. Using a two-step process they take $300 RFID card reading tool and a hotel keycard to reduce the number of possibilities for the master. The remaining codes can be run at the door to gain access to almost any room.

Reported by Wired

Province’s head of cybersecurity bashes media over reporting on data breach

Robert Samuel, Chief Information Security Officer of the province of Nova Scotia, took to social media to discuss his thoughts about recent breaches and data. In particular, his concern about the press exaggerating facts, figures, and reporting speculation to sell more stories. He requests that people directly contact him to clarify issues.

Reported by Halifax Today