Government leaker tracked down using microdots from printer

Reality Winner, who leaked government documents to the newspaper Intercept, was tracked due to microdots on her linked documents. Microdots are relatively common and printed off on papers to help trace them back to the origin printer. In the unrelated, yet timely news, a new team of researchers has released a technique to obfuscate microdots while printing.


Reported by Graham Cluley

FireEye denies claim of “hacking-back” against Chinese Spies

In the book “The Perfect Weapon: War, Sabotage, and Fear in the Cyber Age” author David Sanger claims that Mandiant attributed attacks on Fortune 500 companies to the criminals by breaking into their computers and using their webcameras to observe them breaking into organizations. FireEye has issued a public statement that the book is a “serious mischaracterization of our investigative efforts.”

Reported by Cyber Snoop

Debate over iphone password bruteforce

There has been some debate over an iPhone being susceptible for a brute force attack similar to the lightning cable attack recently patched. The newest attack is similar. However, it is much slower. Additionally, Apple has already released a statement that what appears on the phone is not what is happening in the backend and does not accomplish what is claimed.

Reported by Gizmodo