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The book is officially out and I wanted to thank everyone who has taken the time to edit, review, and contribute to my book on threat intelligence. Without you I couldn’t have built this book to explore steps, facts, and myths on how to effectively formalize and improve the intel program at your company by:

  • Separating good and bad intelligence
  • Creating a threat intelligence maturity model
  • Quantifying threat risk to your organization
  • Teaching how to build and structure a threat intel team
  • Providing tools to build intel talent from within

If you would like to support you can always do any of the following things.

  • The most obvious way to support purchase the book!
  • Purchase other book versions. Both free and paid versions give me a boost on Amazon.
  • Give the book reviews on Amazon.
  • Share my twitter, linkedin, and website with other infosec professionals.
  • If you have purchased the physical copy make sure you also pick up the free kindle copy!

As always, thanks everything!

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