Virtual Book Party for Effective Threat Intelligence!

    Come join me on Google hangouts for a virtual release party to celebrate the launch of my new book! Win 1 of 3 raffled copies, find out how you can get a discounted version on kindle, and help support my launch! Thanks for all the support to get this far! So many people have given their time and energy to help me get this book published!

Join me on Sunday, June 26th at 2 pm Central by clicking here for the event.

The great thing about a virtual party is that I can invite all of my supporters across the world to come visit, discuss the challenges of self-publishing, why threat intelligence is important, or just to see the unique people that know each other. If nothing else little Addy will be making an appearance! I hope you can drop by and celebrate with us!

Tackling the “Gnome in your Home” over the Holidays

For several years SANS has published a holiday Capture The Flag (CTF). The event has technical challenges for infosec enthusiasts of all skill levels, and this year SANS has really outdone themselves.

Cleverly titled “Gnome In Your Home”, the scenario begins after thousands of toy gnomes are bought by loving parents across the world (1,653,325 to be specific). With the help of a pair of bright youngsters, you start uncovering an evil holiday conspiracy involving these “innocent” gnome toys. Challenges range greatly, from firmware analysis to exploiting discovered vulnerabilities.

While juggling all my family obligations of the season I was able to spend a little time hunting gnomes. Although I did not have time to break all 5 of the Super Gnomes, I had a blast learning new skills. I even beat the mini-game!


For those interested the full challenge is still posted here
My notes for the challenge are posted below.