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Current Project


November 12, 2013: I have now completed so many things and certifications that I feel I can come back to this project of sharing my experiments with computers and networks. First things first I am updating the website. I have also submitted a paper to Shmoocon, started reading on reverse software engineering and finally disassembling a PLC. I hope to post progress on this site as well as make it more resume worthy.


Past Projects


July 23, 2013: I dont understand many things to the level of my liking. One of these things is the production of webcontent. So I created this webserver that is accessible by the outside world. It was built using a Rasberrypi. I was having problems getting through Cox communications on port 80. It appears to be blocked. Instead I am using 443 and a bum SSL certificate. So you might have to click through for some warnings to get there.